Kratom: The Bitter Plant That Could Help Opioid Addicts

Kratom is circulated Thailand, Southeast Asia, it is there for its germination the best conditions. As for the use of this plant, the stories about this little known, but the fact that it was involved in a long-standing tradition, beyond doubt, that even there is some evidence. There are indications that the then consumed Kratom leaves workers and farmers, so it was easier to cope with a hard life.

Kratom has a high potential use in medicine as a safer and cheaper alternative to methadone and is able to facilitate the withdrawal of morphine like opiates, as it itself contains opioid agonists. There is more recent information pointing to the fact that mitragynine was used in New Zealand for methadone addiction curing. According to these reports, the patient smoking Kratom for opiate withdrawal every time you get withdrawal symptoms; a treatment period of 6 weeks. Patients report vivid hypnagogic dreams.

In 1999 Pennapa Sapcheron, director of the National Institute of Thai Traditional Medicine in Bangkok said that Kratom can be used to treat opiate addiction, as well as for the treatment of patients suffering from depression, but stressed the need for further research. Chulalongkorn University chemists have identified mitragynine that researchers can get to explore. You can learn more about kratom on

Developing a research plan ibogaine, an American activist, “Treatment, not war” – Dana Beal, mitragynine proposed uses as an active placebo for comparison in the study. Acting Deputy Director, NIDA Charles Grudzinkas rejected this proposal, justifying it by the fact that mitragynine to know even less than about ibogaine.

In addition to use as a psychoactive plant, Kratom is used for deworming Malay healers, improve blood circulation, improve tone, suppress cough and symptoms of diabetes. Also used by such ailments as splenomegaly. It has an analgesic effect and promotes healing of wounds, M. Speciosa fresh leaves crushed and applied to wounds. It is used as a remedy for diarrhea, fever.

Kratom ons opioid delta and mu receptors, but also give uncharacteristic for opiate effects as vision changes, makes the colors brighter, unobtrusive causes hallucinations, euphoria, a sense of oneness with nature. The plant causes the body and mind to work and learn, It gives a sense of well-being.

Kratom cannot be combined with the stimulants as yohimbine, cocaine, amphetamine, caffeine in high doses, due to the danger of over-stimulation and increase blood pressure. Cannot be combined with depressants as alcohol in large quantities, benzodiazepines, opioids because of the possibility of breathing problems.

Kratom can be combined with ordinary black tea, tea from flowers of red poppy, which itself has a mild narcotic effect, and tea from a blue lotus. It can be combined with a small amount of alcohol, smoking tobacco or cannabis.