Israel Figa: Biggest Global Myths Regarding Covid 19

Ever since, Covid 19 became a universal pandemic, people have believing certain notions which are definitely not true. AS PER Israel Figa, you should know what these myths are so that you know what is true and what is not. To that end, keep reading to learn about the biggest global myths regarding the Covid 19 you should know about.

One can stop wearing the mask after getting the Covid 19 Vaccine

This one is a common myth about Covid 19 that most people unfortunately believe in! Even after you receive both the vaccine doses, it is important that you still sport a face mask, thoroughly wash your hands and keep your distance from those around you since you will not be immune immediately and there will also be several folks who have not been vaccinated yet.

In addition, medical experts and researchers around the world are still gathering data and learning more about this vaccine. That includes how long it safeguards you and to what extent it protects you.

What Dr. Israel Figa says and a number of doctors agree as well is that the Covid vaccine is very effectual at stopping you from developing symptomatic diseases (for instance cough, fever and pneumonia). However, it is not yet explicitly clear if the Covid 19 vaccines fully prevent the coronavirus from getting into your human body and causing infection without any symptoms. This is a vital distinction that you should know. If the coronavirus vaccine only stops you from getting too sick, it is possible that you may still catch the virus, pass it along to someone else, even if you do not fee unwell yourself. That is why it is crucial to wear a mask even after getting the vaccine.

You will be immune to the coronavirus after you get it

This is one crucial question that is on the minds of several people. Most wish to know whether they will be immune to the virus or get it again after they get it already? Some also firmly believe that one you catch the virus, you will be 100 percent immune afterwards and there is no reason to worry anymore! That however is not true.

According to Doctor Israel Figa, although there have been a few instances of re-infection of the Covid being reported around the world, there is concrete evidence that suggests re-infections are seldom and when they take place, it is often after 3 months from the first infection. Hence, it is vital that you keep in mind that even after you catch the virus, there is no guarantee of immunity.

Wearing a face mask substitutes the requirement to physical distance in public

A crucial thing to keep in mind is that face masks are not a worthy substitute for distancing physically.What Dr. Israel Figa says is that staying at least 6 feet apart from other people while in public spaces is still the most pivotal tool to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Studies have been conducted that show patients infected with covid 19 and not showing any symptoms, can still spread the virus viasneezing, coughing or talking, particularly in close proximity to other folks. That is precisely CDChas asked all folks, except small children under the age of 2, to wear masks in public places such as the grocery store or the park.

When you wear your face masks in public, be sure to avoid touching your eyes or face. Bear in mind that, you can still catch the coronavirus when you do those things.

Bottom Line

It is very important that you are aware of these global myths surrounding Covid 19 and do not believe in them. It is prudent to keep yourself regularly updated about the developments concerning the coronavirus so you do not fall victim to any fake news that you read or hear somewhere.