Major Reasons why you need First Aid Training in 2019

Though most of us know the benefits of knowing first aid and having First Aid Training, too frequently we feel too busy to find some time to attend a course, unsure about First Aid Training providers or what first aid basics the course should cover.

Majority of us, feel nothing bad or mishap will happen to us and ours or that if unfortunately any mishap happens, there will be a doctor or other some good hearted soul to take charge and help us.

If this describes any of you, then ensure 2019 the year you take control and learn first aid from the best training provider for First Aid Training Malaysia.

Taking a first aid Training run by experienced, professional trainers, health or emergency services professional teaches you life saving skills and gives you the confidence to know when and how to act in an emergency. A practical course offers the opportunity to practise hands-on skills such as CPR on a manikin or helping save a choking adult, baby or child.

Compelling reasons to learn First Aid Training:

  • First aid saves lives
  • First aid reduces recovery time
  • First aid reduces hospital time
  • First aid prevents medical situations deteriorating
  • First aid can reduce unnecessary visits to hospital
  • Competent first aid training can reduce the amount of pain experienced by casualties
  • Crucial communication for the emergency services
  • First aid increases awareness and reduces your susceptibility to accidents
  • First aid makes you feel empowered
  • Be prepared for anything

Following are the courses that are included along with First Aid Training:

CPR Training:

CPR Training Malaysia conducted by CERT Academy is a certification course and is one of the most effective, fun and interactive session. If you are interested in CPR Training but have concerns as to whether or not you’ll know what to do and how to respond if you ever happen to come across an emergency situation? Its advisable to get trained from the leading CPR training providers and get certified and build up the confidence to face the situation.

AED Training:

AED Training is paired with CPR Training to save a person’s life who is suffering from cardiac arrest. In AED Training, you will be trained about the functioning of Automated external defibrillators (AED), and how the machine restores the heart’s rhythm. The real like practical sessions conducted will be ensure the trust in you and confidence to save a dying victim.

Our Safety Training includes a variety of course out of which a Fire Fighting Training and Emergency Response Training are the major courses.

Emergency Response Training:

It is essential to have a foundation of training when developing an Emergency Response Program for your workplace. The Emergency Response Training course will provide your team with an overall skill set to assist in the mitigation or support of most emergency incidents. Emergency Response Training Malaysia includes Fire Fighting Training in its course structure. Training on Fire Safety & Extinguisher Use is being given to enhance the efficiency of the ERP Team.

Fire Fighting Training:

All businesses are required to have fire extinguishers in their work environment based on the occupancy and any associated hazards. Having trained employees in fire safety and the actual deployment of fire extinguishers can ensure a quicker response to potentially extinguish fires in the workplace. This can significantly decrease damage and allow for a quicker return to a normal work environment.

As the pioneer in First Aid Training and Safety Training, CERT Academy owns the pride on delivering simple, streamlined first aid training courses. All our training sessions are tailored to meet the customer’s requirements.

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Our First Aid Training courses includes Basic Occupational First Aid Training, CPR Training, AED Training, Pediatric First Aid Training, Advanced First Aid Training, Essential First Aid Training and Life Saving Skill Training.

Besides First Aid Courses, we also extend our services to Safety Related Training which includes Basic Fire Fighting Training, Emergency Response Plan & Preparedness Training, Emergency Response Team Training, Safe Handling of Forklift Training Course, Occupational Health & Safety Training, Chemical Spillage Control Training and Chemical Management, Spill Drill & Clean Up Training. Additionally, our services include Fire Drill, Evacuation Drill & Confined Space Awareness Training.

We offer Corporate and Group Training all over Malaysia. All our Training Courses are customized to any industry as per the Client’s requirement with extensive support provided even after their training is completed.