Do the benefits of e-cigarettes really outweigh the cons?

According to the stringent regulation of e-cigs, the researchers suggest that all the claims of electronic cigarettes are not based on strong evidence. On the other hand, if the authorities and lawmakers let electronic cigarettes to compete with the normal cigarettes, this might cut down on the total number of tobacco-related illnesses and deaths, as per the conclusion of the researchers. After they have reviewed 80 studies, it has been said that these nicotine-emitting devices are safe and secure.

As per present evidence, it has been suggested that there is enough chances for the smokers to ward off the risks caused to their health by using electronic cigarettes rather than using tobacco ones. This is rather going to be a step towards putting an end to all sorts of nicotine and tobacco use. Before you set off to purchase your personal vape pen or electronic cigarette from online stores like, you should know how they’re better than their conventional counterparts.

Whether or not the government authorities should regulate e-cigarettes or whether they should be strictly banned is still a topic of debate by most of the regulatory agencies around the globe. There are several medical institutions which have restricted the use of these popular devices. Though there are not many risks known with regards to electronic cigarettes, then why are they always subject to so much of debate? Is it true that their benefits always outweigh the pitfalls? Can it be used as a tool to quit smoking?

There’s no such evidence which has proved that the vapor that has been produced by the electronic cigarettes is toxic for the users and also for the second-hand vapers as compared against the smoke released from cigarettes. You have to be aware of the fact that it is not nicotine which kills people as nicotine is nothing but the addictive substance which makes cigarette a strong addiction. It is very rare that you’ll see people using electronic cigarettes who never used to smoke. Similarly, there is also no evidence which supports the argument that e-cigs are the gateways of smoking more tobacco.

Rather, there is enough evidence which lets the users to quit smoking or to reduce consumption. In case there is enough proof that electronic cigarettes reduce the harm related to smoking, they should become more accessible and the rules and regulations should also be made lenient on them. Hence, if you’re someone who has been trying to quit smoking in order to let go of this deadly habit, you can choose to vape as this is not harmful for your cardiovascular system in comparison with smoking.