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Mike Tyson reveals he is smoking $40,000 worth of cannabis a month. His cannabis ranch invites guests to take as much as they want.

In a recent interview, Mike Tyson revealed some of the details of his marijuana use. It’s estimated that he is smoking over $40,000 worth of marijuana every month from his cannabis vacation ranch. Tyson also suggested that when he regularly has guests out to the ranch anyone is invited to take as much marijuana as they would like.

Tyson suggested that cannabis brought him back from the brink of severe substance abuse in his podcast. The Tyson ranch he designed has been a playground for marijuana enthusiasts in California. Set on 420 acres, he hopes to host music festivals, his own golf course as well as a luxurious hotel.

His 420 acre ranch in California sells around $500,000 worth of cannabis every month. The 52-year-old however is spending at least $40,000 on his own weed. $40,000 at the ranch prices is buying in nearly 10 tons of weed every month.

Mike Tyson founded his company near 2016 in an effort to make cannabis products more accessible. As he attributes marijuana as one of the main items that prevented him from spiralling into substance abuse, he only wanted to continue to offer cannabis products to other people who may be in the same situation.

Ground has now broken on the Tyson ranch which is proposed near Desert Hot Springs. The option to stay at this luxurious ranch includes room for a music festival venue, glamping tent experiences and the longest lazy river ever constructed. Ground first broke on this new ranch in December 2017 with a hotel currently under construction. The lazy river has yet to begin construction but the goal is to produce the world’s longest lazy river experience. The Fall River will take roughly one full hour to cross and lead to an epoch theater for concerts.

On site at the ranch, Tyson also hopes to find the first Tyson University. The goal of this university will be to teach cannabis cultivation techniques and to give birth to a whole new generation of farmers. When Tyson thought about leaving a lasting impact in the world, it was with the goal of doing what he could to help people access cannabis. As he endured many years of substance abuse, cannabis was able to help him find a healthier alternative.

Individuals closest to Tyson including his business partner Rob Hickman suggested that cannabis made Mike Tyson a completely changed person. Those that have been closest to him also suggested that his life has completely changed as a result of his new aspirations for the Tyson Ranch.

The full-fledged map of the Tyson Ranch has been launched starting in October. The plan for the ranch includes the area for the glamorous camping units, the pool, concert venue and more. The overall goal of the ranch will be to engage with the public and educate about the healing properties of CBD and cannabis.

Any attendants of the ranch will be able to smoke in designated areas across the park except for the areas where liquor sale is present.

Even though Mike Tyson has become a true president of the massive weed empire, he is not directly responsible for the hands-on growth of the marijuana. All the cannabis products that are sourced for the ranch as well as for his own personal consumption need to reach high standards. Tyson oversees the quality control side of the Tyson ranch.

In order for a strain to qualify for his namesake it needs to be harvested at an exact maturity, cured for 30 days to ensure the proper flavor, derived from natural sources, trimmed by hand and raised pesticide free. All plants are cultivated indoors under strict conditions.

The Tyson Empire is not burdened by ongoing legal issues as they operate primarily out of states where legalization is on the leading edge. They sell all of their products in paper packaging with a true market share. The company’s also been so successful under its cultivation model that they don’t regularly experience loss due to bad crops.

Tyson’s namesake is now on a number of strains of marijuana as well as CBD products. He also expanded his product testing into CBD dog treats as well as hemp oil for muscle recovery.

Although it may take some time for the Mike Tyson ranch to fully develop, Tyson is already working to launch a number of music festivals and events on the site that he owns. Hundreds of people gathered on the site of the resort just outside of Palm Springs for the Kind Festival.

Headliners of the first festival included A$AP Ferg and Miguel. Attendees have an exclusive chance to spend some time with Mike Tyson, enjoy the music as well as smoke weed with some of the organizers.

The Mike Tyson weed empire only continues to grow in strength.

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