How to Make a Scar Less of a Scar

The human skin is the largest organ of the body and when injured will form a scar, what isn’t known is how a scar will form and just how noticeable it will be. While no scar can completely disappear a technique known as scar revision can lessen the visual impact. When newly formed a scar can appear quite ugly, angry, red and is very noticeable. In time most scars will be less noticeable if a person is patient and it is suggested waiting a year before searching for an option to make it less visible.

There are three different types of scars and Keloid scars can be distinguished by their thick, puckered, itchy clusters of scar tissue that extends beyond the edges of the original wound  or incision. Usually red and darker in color than the skin around them they develop when the body continues to produce collagen long after the original injury has healed. Keloid scars are more common in those with dark skin and more often form on the breastbone, earlobes or shoulders.

A hypertrophic scar may at first appear the same as a keloid scar except it remains within the boundaries of the original wound or incision. When a hypertrophic scar first forms it looks red, angry and raised and steroid injections can make a noticeable improvement in their appearance.

A burn or other kind of injury can result in a scar that pulls the edges of the skin together and this process gives the scar it’s name contracture. Scarring of this nature may even affect muscles and tendons adjacent to the scar to the point of restricting a person’s range of motion and movement.

Permanent scars can leave a person feeling very self conscious and scar revision can be a great benefit to diminishing the appearance of a scar. Laser scar revision has improved and this non-ablative procedure now allows the skin to remain intact. Using a laser for scar revision  is suitable for all skin types and hyperpigmentation ( darkening of the skin ) or hypopigmentation  (  lightening of the skin )  is no longer a concern. Your treatment plan begins after an initial consultation to determine whether the scar is keloid, hypertrophic or contracture with a qualified technician at a laser skin clinic in Vancouver.