Can your diet make acne worse?

Face it, acne is one of the more embarrassing conditions that can show up in your face. Even a single pimple is a cause for some distress. Topical remedies (like salycilic acid, glycolic acid, Retina A) do help, but if you don’t address the sources of acne, then the breakouts will continue.

Acne can occur from a young age to late middle age. But laser acne treatments normally breaks out during one’s adolescence, when our awkward selves are most sensitive to our appearance and sense of belonging. Acne occurs when the oil glands in our hair follicles are stimulated. There is no one single factor that can cause acne, but food can definitely be a major contributor. If you are experiencing a phase where acne breakouts occur frequently, try to avoid these foods:

  • Dairy – hormones found in dairy product stimulate the oil glands that cause acne
  • Oily food – burgers, pizza, fried food easily come to mind
  • Alcohol
  • Sugary food – cakes, ice cream, and soft drinks are the obvious culprits here
  • Spicy food – triggers the sweat glands that produce oily skin

From the list, one can see that a common source of these substances is fastfood. So avoid this diet when you can. It’s been proven to be unhealthy anyway.

Other dietary factors to consider are antioxidants and enzymes. Lack of antioxidants and enzymes increase inflammation that lead to acne breakouts. Multivitamins can help alleviate a lack of antioxidants, but the correct food is still your best medicine. Vegetables are a great source of antioxidants and enzymes, are simple to prepare, and are very healthy. Examples of enzyme-rich foods are fresh tomatoes, beets, sauerkraut, kefir, seed sprouts, kombucha, wheatgrass, and fresh coconut water. If you decide to take your vegetables as a salad, beware of dressings with the aggravating ingredients listed above.

Basic skin care is also important. Don’t go to sleep without washing your face. Mild soap and water is best, as some formulations might aggravate or even induce an acne breakout. Lack of sleep and stress are also factors, so avoid them when you can.

Despite all the home remedies you see floating around the net, it’s always best a dermatologist when you have an acne breakout. Since acne is caused by several factors, a local dermatologist’s knowledge may be invaluable when it comes to addressing, and mitigating, this embarrassing condition.

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