When Do You Need to See a Relationship Counselor?´╗┐

Some people have negative stereotypes about relationship counseling and assume that relationship counseling is only for when things go bad. However, this is not true. As with any building project, relationship building has its problems best solved in the earliest stages and not after things have already gone wrong. So when is the best time to see a relationship counselor in Colwood?

Before big steps

If you are planning on being serious and are thinking of committing yourself to another person for life, then that is probably a good first time to see a relationship counselor. Some people see relationship counselors during dating, but the truth is if you are not planning on spending the rest of your life with someone then it’s probably not worth hiring a professional to fix your temporary problems. If you are intending to be with your significant other for life or are at the very least entertaining the possibility of it, then a good time to meet with a relationship counselor is before you take any significant steps forward.

Perhaps you’re thinking of moving in together and taking your relationship to the next stage; meeting with a relationship counselor could help prepare you to see any potential pitfalls of the situation before it arises. This is why couples who engage in premarital counseling oftentimes see higher success rates for long-term relationships and long-term happiness than those who try to fix problems later.

If others are worried

Another good reason to see a relationship counselor is if friends and family are voicing concerns about the person you are with. Love is blind but fortunately most of us have friends and family in our life who also love us and want to keep us safe. If they say your significant other is no good, it would not hurt to visit a relationship counselor and get a professional opinion. This does not mean there is necessarily anything wrong in your relationship but it’s a way of being able to gauge future compatibility, how well the two of you could work in a long-term relationship, and whether your significant other shows the maturity necessary to handle a relationship like that.


A relationship counselor can also help you understand compatibility. Even if you two are deeply in love and there appear to be no problems, don’t be fooled into thinking you’re good. Problems with compatibility often occur later; this is why many marriages don’t survive past their first five years. After the novelty of being married wears off and the daily give and take of life occurs, people generally have a better view and understanding of who exactly it is they married. Finding out potential areas of incompatibility are better found at the earliest stages of relationship before your hearts, finances, and legal responsibilities are wholly entangled.

Benjamin Franklin once said an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and when it comes to relationship counseling, seeing your counselor at important steps and stages can help protect you and your loved one by fixing small problems before they become relationship ending issues.

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